Busting the myths around vinyl flooring

21 . 08 . 2018

‘Vinyl flooring’ it’s an off-putting concept for many people who can’t help but associate it with grimy 1970s kitchens. Unfortunately, there are countless myths surrounding vinyl flooring, the majority of which associate it with cheap, old-fashioned homes decorated with especially ugly flooring.   It is a shame that, for many, vinyl has a bit of … Read more

How to maximise the impact of stone effect vinyl

09 . 08 . 2018

Stone. It’s classic, durable and a real statement maker. We’ve been building with stone since, well, the stone age and it’s remained a really popular flooring choice for centuries thanks to its beauty and durability. Even so, a lot of the time stone just isn’t quite what it’s all cracked up to be.   It … Read more

Everything you should know about real hardwood floors

17 . 07 . 2018

There’s a reason that homes with real hardwood floors are more likely to sell for higher amounts. Not only do they provide a sense of timeless class, they’re also long-lasting, practical and, quite frankly, a statement. However, sometimes previous occupants have changed things up a little, fitting a new floor or neglecting the existing one. … Read more