Granorte was founded in 1972 and is a supplier of natural cork from Portugal. With vast knowledge of cork flooring and exceptional quality across all their products, Granorte have built a reputation of excellence across the globe. From raw materials through to the finished products, they ensure an efficient control system to guarantee the best possible end result for their customers.


Granorte Products

There are a wide variety of products on offer, allowing them to meet the requirements of a range of projects and demands. These products include the following (other bespoke options may also be available on request):


  • Composition cork sheets – “Just like plain cork”
  • Cork underlayment – “The natural insulation”
  • Cork wall tiles – “Nature’s warm touch”
  • Cork floor tiles – “Bringing Nature to your feet”
  • Floating floors with cork – “Engineered natural comfort”


Cork Flooring Stockists

We are proud to be Granorte stockists and are delighted to offer our customers high quality products from such a prestigious company within the cork industry. Cork is a natural, renewable and environmentally-friendly material, making it the perfect choice for those looking to make an eco-conscious decision for their flooring.