How to mix and match different floor styles within your home

16 . 04 . 2018

  It often seems like a good idea to use a single flooring style for each level of a home. This can be true in many cases, allowing for a simple and clean aesthetic, well suited to smaller apartment buildings in particular. However, there are many reasons to use multiple flooring styles. Wood flooring may … Read more

Keeping laminate floors clean and up to scratch

05 . 04 . 2018

On top of its ability to imitate a range of visual styles and bring colour and texture to your floors, laminate flooring is known for being highly durable and low maintenance. With a base layer designed to resist moisture, a core layer composed of hard wearing HDF, laminate flooring can hold up against the everyday … Read more

Making your staircase a design feature

05 . 04 . 2018

The humble staircase isn’t so humble anymore. If you have an upstairs, it’s likely that the stairs are a truly dominant design feature of your hallway. Despite the domineering nature of the staircase, a lot of people seem to forget the stairs when it comes to interior design. We’ve all been to houses – maybe … Read more